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You Don't Need Drone Photos!

After years of shooting handheld/drone photos and videos I've found that real estate agents often waste money on products that don't actually help sell their listings. Below is a short list to help you determine what media you need to help sell your property.

1 - When do I need drone photos and video? Drone shots are great when the property needs to be put in context. Is it near or on a body of water? Is it large?(more than a couple of acres) Then yes, get drone photos or even video to showcase these things. But remember, if the home has tall trees all around it you will not see the home! You'll get a bunch of photos of trees.

2 - When do I need a walk through video? I've found that walk through videos are most impactful when the interior of the home is the main selling point, but videos are also helpful when the layout of the home is somewhat different and needs to be seen to be appreciated. Don't do a video just to have a video. If the home interior is a fixer upper or just plain small, a video is only going to highlight those weaknesses so don't waste your money.

3 - Stop using your cell phone to take listing photos. This has nothing to do with our list but I can't believe I still see agents doing this. There is no comparison between a real camera and a cell phone. Yes you can take a somewhat similar picture with both in perfect lighting but homes never have perfect lighting. Ok enough of that.

In the end, experience is the key to knowing what you need so either ask your photographer/videographer what they would recommend and why...or learn the hard way, like most of us, and order a few shoots and find out what works best for you.

Pete Salter


Irmo, SC

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