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Cinematographer.  Storyteller. 

My path to becoming a videographer and photographer has wandered all over the place.  It started with a desire to work for NASA and getting a degree from USC in mechanical engineering and then veered over to Canada and Africa as my wife and I worked with local churches and communities.

But with two kids in college I've finally found my niche.  Being able to focus time and attention on other people's stories has been a real joy.  One day you learn all about the world of carbon fiber recycling and the next your photographing a multi-million dollar mansion on Lake Murray with a marble staircase and secret safe room.  Everyday is an adventure!

But to me what makes this the perfect job is the mix of technical and creative.  You've got to know your gear backwards and forwards but you also need to be able to imagine the visuals for a story that you've just heard. 


So, from commercial to real estate to documentary...I love doing video and photography and can't wait to tell your story!

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